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A) Introduction

The main component of my project is a sailboat. This boat must be large enough to allow the integration of all electronic components. The boat performances need to be satisfactory. However, the project’s main goal is not high-performance because it requires more investments. The boat must have a reasonable stability. By stability we mean the resistance of the boat to tilt under the influence of external forces, but also the balance when the boat is not subjected to external forces. The bulb of the keel acts as a force to the bottom by his weight and strength led by the up by Buoyancy. When the boat heels, the center of gravity shifts depending on the inclination.B) Electronic Components

First, I need a motherboard that will perform all calculations and the managment the navigation system. This motherboard will use a small space so I can install it in my sailboat. On the other hand, it should be powerful enough to perform all calculations in a period of less than 1 / s. This card should consume as little energy as possible and have a large number of input-output PWM, I2C, Serial port, but also the ADC (Analog Digital Converter). Finally, this motherboard will run on a Linux system. Second, I need a GPS to determine the latitude longitude position of the boat. We need the support of GPS EGNOS / WAAS to improve accuracy. As the main motherboard, the consumption and size are very important criteria. Third, I need a set of sensors, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a wind vane, an anemometer (optional). The magnetometer will have a margin of error of less than 1 ° to determine the direction followed by the boat. An accelerometer with a sensitivity of + / – 2g to measure the heeling of the boat (cottage), but also to correct the values provided by the magnetometer. Finally, the wind vane will calculate the true/apparent wind direction (TWA) / with a margin of error if possible of less than 1 °. Fourth, I need a long-range communication system to communicate from the ground station and to monitor the sensors.

Finally, the battery will allow it to operate all electronic equipment with an autonomy of around 12 hours. We could also use solar panels / small wind / hyrdroeoliennes to increase this autonomy.

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